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Lurveau Handmade Lux Satin Scrunchie Steel Blue 6.0′ diameter

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Lurveau Handmade Lux Scrunchie

Color: Steel Blue

Measurement for Lux: 6.0' diameter


Handmade by Cher from Lurveau. 

Material: Japanese Dull Satin


Lux 6' in diameter. A statement piece with bold color that flourishes your top bun or a pony tail. 

Suitable for medium amount of hair (3 rounds) to large amount of hair (2 rounds). 


Why Lurveau Scrunchie?

– Each scrunchie is handmade with the specially chosen fabric.

– Brand new fabric is used to sew each scrunchie, no scrap cloth was used. 

– Buatan Malaysia textiles, oscar elastic, and Rinata sewing thread were used to make this scrunchie. 

– Each scrunchie uses up a lot of cloth to ensure there are enough scrunch to form the right flower shape on your hair

– Matching thread color with cloth 


How to care?

– Hand wash only with mild soap and air dry it. 

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