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Lurveau®, also pronounced as “Love you”. As the pronunciation of the brand name suggests, our concept and direction of Lurveau® is towards the idea of being in love, with all the things and people around us.

Hello. Nice to meet you. 

This is the OFFICIALSITE of Lurveau®. A Malaysia home grown brand based in Johor Bahru. We carry an exclusive range of Vintage Eyewear from the 80s 90s and Contact Lens & Lens Care Solutions.

Vintage Eyewear

All items are brand new vintage OEM eyewear manufactured by Japan, Korea, Europe, Italy, HK etc. and distributed to optical outlets in Malaysia country wide back in the 80s and 90s. Our team at Lurveau have a mission to bring these precious vintage back to the current fashion scene. Since 2014, our vintage eyewear has been sold within Malaysia and also to many parts of the world such as Singapore, the Philippines, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Brazil

Medical Devices 

Optistar Sdn Bhd is a distributor in Malaysia for Lurveau® Soft Contact Lenses & Lens Care Solution. 


For stationery items such as planners and 

Note: In order to ensure the safety & hygiene of our contact lens for wearer/end users, our contact lenses & lens care products have obtained valid certifications for ISO & CE standards according to the MDA regulatory requirements. This range of products are available only in participating optical outlets within Malaysia. Please report to us immediately if you have detected any misuse of our products in the market. 

For more information & updates on MDA regulations, please visit: Official Website for Medical Device Authority Malaysia

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